Craft Fairs are comin'!!
Weekend Sketch Challenge #59

Gifts from Sherrie!!

Good morning!!!  I was so excited when I checked mail yesterday!!  I received not one, but TWO items from my wonderful upline, Sherrie!!! 

Giftsfromsherrie 003 

This is a card I received for being in the Top Ten in Sales for August--isn't it pretty?!!!  She's so talented!!!

Giftsfromsherrie 008 

And, this is for being the "woohoo winner"!!!  Each Wednesday is "Woohoo Wednesday"--all of her team members can share any accomplishments or good news they've had that week!!  Then, Sherrie draws a name from those that participated!!  I was lucky enough to win!!  Woohoo!!!

This is a little purse made with our clear envelopes!! 

Giftsfromsherrie 009 

To see more of Sherrie's talent, go to her blog, Stampin' Fun with Sherrie.  And, if you're in or near Ohio, go take one of her classes!!  She's great!!  (and, if you're in the Albuquerque area, take one of my classes--I copy her all the time!!! haha!!)

Have a great day!!        


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